I think we have a problem

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I think we have a problem

Postby wattaman » Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:05 am

To explain better I'll try to make it simple:
- I'm using my Bind hosted ns for all my domains + your free service;
- I added in my registrar's page only 2 of your nameservers and also 2 of mine (therefore 4);
- The domains seem to work fine but the problem is that sometimes the subdomains are not reachable.

Details: it happens random and not for all subdomains at once, but all subdomains have the same settings. So I don't know who's fault is it, mine or yours? :)
I'm wondering, should I also add the subdomains in my Host A records here, in my DNSever panel, for each domain? Can I add a wildcard to simplify things? Will it work?
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